APRIL 30, 2004
Midnight to 3:00 AM

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Title Artist Label Year
historical soundbiteMalcolm Xunavailableunavailable
BondageNasio FontaineHigher Love 1999
Drought MidniteAfrican Roots Lab 2004
I Had A Vision Sister Niceunavailable unavailable
brief bio on NasioRead by Ginger Otis & Amabuadi not applicable 2003
Jah GloryNasio FontaineHigher Love 1999
IthopiaNasio FontaineHigher Love 2003
Nasio soundbite re: the early yearsNasio Fontainenot applicable2003
Racial Pride Nasio FontaineHigher Love1994
brief bio on Midniteread by Annette Walker not applicable 2004
HieroglyphicsMidniteWild Child1999
Kabba StoneMidnite Rastafaria2001
Livity MidniteAfrican Roots Lab 2004
live phone interview with Vaughn of MidniteMidnight Ravers not applicable2004
historical soundbite re: AfricaMalcolm X unavailableunavailable
Mama Africa MidniteRastafaria2001
Babylon Dem Copy MidniteRastafaria 2004
Babylon You DoomNasio FontaineHigher Love2003
Nasio soundbite re: Rastas being murdered in DominicaNasio Fontainenot applicable 2003
Black Tuesday Nasio Fontaine Higher Love 1999
That's On YouMidniteAfrican Roots Lab 2002
recreation of Marcus Garvey speaking Ron Bobb-Semple unavailableunavailable
Justice Nasio FontaineHigher Love 1994
Judgement For SentenceMidniteAfrican Roots Lab2004
soundbite re: Mickey Mouse turning 10 years oldWalt Disneyunavailable 1937
Banking In The PigMidniteWild Child1999
Great Zimbabwe Walls Midnite African Roots Lab2000
historical soundbite Adam Clayton Powell unavailableunavailable
Where We BelongNasio Fontaine Higher Love 2003
Under Attack Nasio FontaineHigher Love 2003
Maker Manifest MidniteNatural Vibes 2004
Nasio soundbite re: contact info and thanks to Midnight Ravers Nasio Fontainenot applicable2003

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