APRIL 5, 2019
Midnight to 5:00 AM

Title Artist Label Year
Move On Up Curtis MayfieldCurtom Records1970
The ScreamsThe Last Poetsunavailableunavailable
New World OrderCurtis MayfieldWarner Bros. Records1996
(Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below, We're All Going To GoCurtis MayfieldCurtom Records1970
Little Child Runnin' WildCurtis MayfieldCurtom Records1972
The BloodThe Last Poetsunavailableunavailable
Can't Say Nothin' Curtis MayfieldCurtom Recordsunavailable
We People Who Are Darker Than Blue Curtis MayfieldCurtom Records1970
The Got Dang SongCurtis MayfieldWarner Bros. Records1996
At The Country Fair (aka Chu-Chu-Chu)The ImpressionsAbner Records1957
A Long Time AgoThe ImpressionsVee Jay Records1957
Let Me KnowThe ImpressionsVee Jay Records1958
Young LoverThe ImpressionsVee Jay Records1958
That You Love MeThe ImpressionsAbner Records1958
bio of Curtis Mayfieldread by Rebecca Mylesnot applicable2008
Back To The WorldCurtis MayfieldCurtom Records1994
The Other Side Of TownCurtis MayfieldCurtom Records1970
soundbite re: how Curtis joined The ImpressionsSam Gooden, Altheida Mayfield, and Fred Cashunavailableunavailable
For Your Precious LoveJerry Buttler and The Impressions Abner Records1958
soundbite re: Curtis on discoveryCurtis Mayfieldunavailableunavailable
I Loved And I LostThe Impressions ABC Paramount Records1968
This Is My CountryThe ImpressionsABC Paramount Recordsunavailable
soundbite re: the origins of "It's All Right"Curtis Mayfieldunavailableunavailable
It's All RightThe Impressions ABC Paramount Records1963
soundbite re: "It's All Right" and "A Woman's Got Soul"Fred Cash and Johnny Pateunavailableunavailable
A Woman's Got SoulThe Impressions ABC Paramount Recordsunavailable
soundbite re: Producer Johnny Pate's productions and arrangementsFred Cash and Sam Goodenunavailableunavailable
soundbite re: "I Need You"Johnny Pateunavailableunavailable
I Need YouThe Impressions ABC Paramount Recordsunavailable
soundbite re: "People Get Ready"Johnny Pateunavailableunavailable
People Get ReadyThe Impressions ABC Paramount Records1964
Mighty Mighty [Live]Curtis MayfieldCurtom Records1971
We're A Winner [Live]Curtis MayfieldCurtom Records1971
Check Out Your Mind [Live]Curtis MayfieldCurtom Records1971
Keep On Keepin' On [Live]Curtis MayfieldCurtom Records1971
Freddie's Dead [Live]Curtis MayfieldCurtom Records1971
Move On Up [Live]Curtis MayfieldCurtom Records1971
soundbite re: Curtis' influence in the CaribbeanAnnette Walkernot applicableunavailable
It's All RightThe Impressions ABC Paramount Records1963
It's All RightDerrick MorganIsland Records1966
I'm So ProudThe ImpressionsCurtom Records1964
I'm So ProudJoe Whiteunavailableunavailable
Soulful LoveThe ImpressionsCurtom Records1970
Soulful LovePat KellySunshot Records1972
Minstrel And Queen The ImpressionsABC Paramount Records1962
Queen MajestyDennis BrownCPI Records1990
Queen MajestyThe TechniquesTreasure Isle Records1967
My Voice Is Insured For Half A Million DollarsDennis AlcaponeTreasure Isle Records1973
Man's TemptationThe ImpressionsABC Paramount Records1966
Man's TemptationNoel "Bunny" BrownCrystal Records1968
Little Boy BlueThe ImpressionsABC Paramount Recordsunavialable
Little Boy BluePat KellyUK Giant Records1968
Keep On PushingThe ImpressionsABC Paramount Records1964
Keep On PushingLloyd And GlenDoctor Bird Records1968
Grow Closer TogetherThe ImpressionsABC Paramount Records1962
Closer TogetherDelroy WilsonCreole Records1972
Closer TogetherSlim SmithJackpot Records1972
That's What Love Will DoThe ImpressionsABC Paramount Recordsunavailable
That's What Love Will DoThe Gayladsunavailableunavailable
Keep On MovingBob Marley & The WailersUpsetter Records1970
Long, Long Winter [Dub]Bob Marley & The WailersUpsetter Recordsunavailable
Long, Long WinterBob Marley & The WailersUpsetter Recordsunavailable
I Made A MistakeBob Marley & The Wailersunavailableunavailable

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