AUGUST 23, 2013
Midnight to 4:00 AM

Title Artist Label Year
Children Of ExodusBambu StationGriot Life2012
soundbite Assata Shakurunavailableunavailable
A Song For AssataCommon featuring Cee-LoMCA 2000
Interlude (A Prayer)Mikey Generalunavailableunavailable
Exodus (excerpt)Bob Marley & The WailersIsland1977
soundbite: I Was There read by Colly Charles & Sir W. Henry Ecclestonnot applicable2013
Old SlaveStephen MarleyUniversal Republic2011
soundbites re: slaveryvariousunavailableunavailable
Rise And ShineBunny WailerShanachie1988
Loneliest PeopleMeta & The CornerstonesV.P. Records 2013
soundbites re: the Freedom Movementvariousunavailableunavailable
Deliverance Will ComeDennis Brownunavailableunavailable
soundbite re: the importance of knowing your historyNelson Mandelaunavailableunavailable
Where We BelongNasio FontaineHigher Love Records2004
soundbite: emancipation messageEdward Seagaunavailableunavailable
400 YearsPeter Tosh Island Records1973
soundbite: Black AugustMumia Abu-Jamalunavailableunavailable
How LongOku OnuoraZola & Zola1993
soundbite: Frederick Douglas' "What To The Slave Is The 4th Of July?"read by Ossie Davisunavailableunavailable
Rivers Of BabylonWingless AngelsIsland1996
soundbite: Ida B.Wells' "Lynching - Our National Crime"read by Ruby Deeunavailableunavailable
soundbite: Your Stars And BarsJolivette Andersunavailableunavailable
Time We Realize MutabarukaHeartbeat2002
soundbitesvarious historical figuresunavailableunavailable
soundbite: The Last Message (excerpt)Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.unavailableunavailable
Ezekial In The Valley (excerpt)Mrs. Janie Hunterunavailableunavailable
soundbite: Uncle Sam has failed us, Pt. 1Malcolm Xunavailableunavailable
Bobbin' And Weavin'Big MountainGiant1995
soundbite: Uncle Sam has failed us, Pt. 2Malcolm Xunavailableunavailable
Babylon SystemBob MarleyIslandunavailable
Di Black Petty BooshwahLinton Kwesi JohnsonIslandunavailable
soundbite: A crisis of Black leadershipMumia Abu-Jamalunavailableunavailable
Tribute To The MartyrsSteel PulseIsland1979
soundbitesvarious historical figuresunavailableunavailable
Amadou DialloBambu StationMount Nebo 2003
soundbite re: stop and frisk in New York Cityunavailableunavailableunavailable
Frisk Me DownKatchafireMai MUsic2004
soundbiteMother & Father of Trayvon Martinunavailableunavailable
Is It Because I'm BlackKen BootheSplash1973
soundbite re: Rodney King verdictvariousunavailableunavailable
soundbiteMumia Abu-Jamalunavailableunavailable
Set Him FreeRas Shiloh & Jah Soldiersunavailable1999
soundbite re: Malcolm X's assassinationBetty Shabazzunavailableunavailable
soundbite re: Malcolm X's assassinationstreet reactionsunavailableunavailable
soundbite: Malcolm X's Eulogyread by Ossie Davisunavailableunavailable
Malcolm XDennis Brownunavailableunavailable
soundbite: De ProfundisMumia Abu-Jamalunavailableunavailable
Babylon U.S.A.Elijah EmanuelElijah Emanuel2009
When Will We Be PaidThe Staple SingersKent Soul2004

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