DECEMBER 21, 2007
Midnight to 3:00 AM

Title Artist Label Year
historical soundbite: You Can't Hate The Roots Of A Tree And Not Hate The TreeMalcolm Xunavailable 1965
Africa We LoveNasio FontaineHigher Love2003
My Own EyesMavis StaplesAnti Records2007
Underdog Sly & The Family StoneEpic 1967
Prelude To Revolution Jonah Nadir Omowaleunavailable unavailable
RevolutionTappa ZukieStarsunavailable
The Revolution Is NowJonah Nadir OmowaleEclipse 2004
Salt Of The EarthRobert Blair & The Violinaires Chessunavailable
historical soundbite: There's No Such Thing As A Non-Violent RevolutionMalcolm Xunavailable 1963
RevolutionBob Marley & The Wailersunavailable unavailable
historical soundbite: I'm A Field NegroMalcolm Xunavailable 1963
Heritage Of A Black ManSam DeesTrikont unavailable
I Am De ManMutabarukaunavailableunavailable
The Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedGil Scott HeronTrikont unavailable
various soundbitesH. Rap Brown, Min. Farakan, Malcolm X unavailable unavailable
When The Revolution ComesThe Last PoetsDouglas1970
Freedom TimeKen BootheTrojan1975
The Negro Unplugged Ainsley Burrowsunavailable 2007
Freedom Ainsley Burrowsunavailable 2007
For The MillionsThe Last PoetsMercury 1997
historical soundbite re: anti-lynching bill of 1944Helen Gahagan Douglasunavailableunavailable
If We Must DieClaude McKayunavailable unavailable
Equal RightsPeter ToshColumbia 1976
soundbite: De Profundis Mumia Abu-Jamalunavailableunavailable
Babylon U.S.A Elijah Emanuelunavilable2005
historical soundbite re: Black Muslim beliefs on warMalcolm Xunavailable unavailable
Black Skin, Blue Eyed BoysThe EqualsPresidentunavailable
WarBuffalo BillRastafari Records1999
various soundbitesHuey Newton, Kathleen Cleaver, Huey Newton, Stokley Carmichaelunavailable unavailable
Get InvolvedGeorge SouleFame 1974
Pass It Bambu StationMount Nebo Records2003
historical soundbite: Police Brutality Will BackfireRev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. unavailableunavailable
Police On My Back The EqualsPresidentunavailable
You're Playing Us Too CloseThird Worldunavailableunavailable
Is It Because I'm BlackSyl JohnsonTwilight1970

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