JANUARY 15, 2010
Midnight to 3:00 AM

**Note: All titles by Jimi Hendrix unless otherwise indicated.**

Title Artist Label Year
Foxy Lady (Live)unavailable unavailable
The Stars That Played With Laughing Sam's Diceunavailable unavailable
brief bio on Jimi Hendrixread by Amabuadinot applicable 2003
Voodoo Child Bluesunavailable unavailable
Electric Church Red House (with soundbite from Jimi talking about a girl working voodoo on him)unavailableunavailable
Live And Unreleased Radio Show excerpts re: Jimi's life, his creativity, and his impact on popular musicDamianunavailableunavailable
narration re: Jimi's roots w/quotes from Jimi's father, his grandmother and Chas Mitchell Kris Kristoffersonunavailableunavailable
One Rainy Wish (with soundbite from Jimi talking about the dream he had about his mother 2 years before she died) unavailable unavailable
Live And Unreleased Radio Show excerpts re: Jimi's time as a paratrooper, his guitar technique, and his early gigsDamianunavailableunavailable
You Got Soul (excerpt)Isley Brothersunavailable unavailable
Turned Out To Be (excerpt)unavailable unavailable
U Tee (excerpt)unavailable unavailable
thoughts on Jimi - soundbiteLittle Richardunavailable unavailable
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On Little Richard with Jimi HendrixFatboy1994
Live And Unreleased Radio Show excerpts re: Jimi's trying to play at the ApolloDamian and Fayne Pridgenunavailable unavailable
I'm A Man (Live - excerpt) Curtis Knight & The Squiresunavailable 1964
Are You Experienced? (excerpt)unavailable unavailable
Live And Unreleased Radio Show excerpts re: the album Are You Experienced? and Third Stone From The SunDamianunavailableunavailable
If Six Were Nineunavailable unavailable
narration w/quotes from former girlfriend Cathy Etchingham on meeting Jimi for the first time and nnn re: the reaction of English DJs to Jimi's playingKris Kristofferson unavailable unavailable
Hey Joeunavailable unavailable
Catfish Blues MCA 1967
Jimi soundbite re: playing live unavailable unavailable
And The Wind Cries Maryunavailable unavailable
Bold As LoveMCA 1967
Angel (acoustic)unavailable unavailable
Radio One jingleunavailableunavailable
Hear My Train A Comingunavailableunavailable
narration w/quotes from Dave Getz about Jimi's Monterey Pop Festival performance, Jimi's father advising him on being true to his style, Eddie Kramer on the sound effects used on the album Axis: Bold As Love and what Jimi thought of his own voice, Jimi's younger half brother Leon Hendrix on the concept of Axis: Bold As Love and Hendrix biographer, David Henderson on the theme of Axis: Bold As LoveKris Kristoffersonunavailable unavailable
Purple Haze (Live at Woodstock)unavailable unavailable
Like A Rolling Stone (Live at Monterey)unavailable unavailable
Wild Thing (Live at Monterey)unavailable unavailable
All Along The Watchtowerunavailable unavailable
Live And Unreleased Radio Show excerpts re: the split of The Experience and how record contracts from the past reappeared.Damian, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchellunavailableunavailable
Machine Gun (Live - excerpt)Band Of Gypsysunavailable unavailable
Power To Love (Live - excerpt)Band Of GypsysCapitol 1969
narration w/quotes from Cathy Edgingham on her dealings with the Black Panthers, and Mitch Mitchell on Jimi's personality and his life in the music businessKris Kristoffersonunavailable unavailable
Voodoo Child (acoustic)unavailable unavailable
It's Gonna Be Alright (excerpt) unavailableunavailable
Manic Depressionunavailable unavailable
narration on Jimi's tour of England in 1970, his legal problems and his plans for his personal future w/quotes from former girlfriend Monica Danamon who describes Jimi's last hours and her time with him in the hospitalKris Kristoffersonunavailable unavailable
Little Wing MCA 1967
narration on Jimi's impact on popular music w/quote from Alexis Korner's re: Jimi's love for people and lifeKris Kristoffersonunavailable unavailable
Machine Gun (Live - excerpt)Band of GypsysCapitol 1969

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