JANUARY 5, 2007
Midnight to 5:00 AM

**Note: All titles by Elijah Emanuel unless otherwise indicated.**

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Title Artist Label Year
Jah Love (Live acoustic, recorded at WBAI)not applicable2006
Fret No My Soulunavailable unavailable
Revolution (Live)unavailableunavailable
A Joyful Noise To Jah Jah (Live)unavailable unavailable
Todos Unidosunavailable unavailable
Brief bio on Elijah Read by Rebecca Mylesnot applicable 2006
Teaching The Joy Of Christunavailable unavailable
Elijah soundbite re: the early years, the early influences, life in Panama, how he learned to play the guitar, his first recording sessions and the inspiration for his first album, La Lucha Continua. not applicable 2006
En Las Montanas De Chiapas unavailableunavailable
Elijah soundbite re: public reaction to La Lucha Continua, how he learned to play other instruments, what instrument he writes on and how lyrics & music come to him. not applicable 2006
What Will You Do (When The Time Comes)unavailable unavailable
thoughts on Elijah - soundbiteSharon Gordonnot applicable 2006
Yo No Soy Illegalunavailable unavailable
Elijah soundbite re: his approach to his background harmonies, his favorite writers and the inspiration for his second album, Persistence Of Vision. not applicable 2006
Persistence Of Visionunavailable unavilable
Elijah soundbite re: his favorite tracks on Persistence Of Visionnot applicable 2003
Wingless Angel (Live acoustic, recorded at WBAI) not applicable2006
Wingless Angel unavailableunavailable
Elijah soundbite re: his thoughts on Roots Musicnot applicable 2006
Roots In A Rootsless Worldunavailableunavailable
Lost In The Wilderness unavailableunavailable
Elijah soundbite re: his career achivements, his relationship with his mother - Anarita Palmer, his mother's thoughts on his voice, the kind of kid he was and her response to hearing his recorded music for the first time.not applicable 2006
You Are My Rockunavailable unavailable
thoughts on Elijah - soundbiteDennis Graynot applicable 2006
Revolucion unavailableunavailable
Elijah soundbite re: finding inspiration 10 years into his career, his introduction to meditation. not applicable2006
A Road Less Traveledunavailableunavailable
Elijah soundbite re: how he became a Rasta.not applicable 2006
Christ Is unavailable unavailable
Elijah soundbite re: shows that inspired him, the members of his backing band, the making of the album Persistence Of Vision. not applicable2006
Two Roads unavailableunavailable
Dos Caminosunavailableunavailable
thoughts on Elijah - soundbiteShawn Rhodesnot applicable 2006
Elijah soundbite re: the 5 albums that have had the most influence on him and his approach to performing live. not applicable 2006
Revelation Time (Live)unavailableunavailable
Lazy Mind (Live) unavailableunavailable
Song Of Persistence (Live)unavailableunavailable
Luchador (Live)unavailableunavailable
The Vision (Live acoustic, recorded at WBAI)not applicable2006
Love is Pain (Live acoustic, recorded at WBAI)not applicable2006
En Las Montanas De Chiapas (Live acoustic, recorded at WBAI)not applicable2006
Elijah soundbite re: his thoughts on Revolucion, Lazy Mind, Sorrow Bird, Bright Morning Star, Wingless Angel, Babylon USA, Song Of Persistence, Lost In The Wilderness, You Are My Rock, Fret Not My Soul, Roots In A Rootless World, Two Roads, his view on his spirituality and the future of the world. not applicable2006
historical soundbite re: the report from the Iraq study group and George Bush's ideology. Mumia Abu Jamalunavailableunavailable
Babylon USA unavailableunavailable
Eliajh soundbite re: Spanish comments from him and his mother, and in English, his mother's support of his vision.not applicable2006
Mr. Banker unavailableunavailable
Elijah soundbite re: his comments to fellow artists, his future plans, and thanks. not applicable 2006
Many Contolled By The Fewunavailable2006

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