JULY 11, 2003
Midnight to 3:00 AM

**Note: All titles by The Temptations unless otherwise indicated.**

Title Artist Label Year
That's The Way Love IsGordy 1969
That's The Way Love IsSlim Smith & The UniquesTrojan 1969
Come OnOtis Williams & The DistantsWarwick 1959
Oh Mother Of MineMiracle 1961
The Way You Do The Things You Do Gordy 1964
The Way You Do The Things You DoEric DonaldsonTrojan unavailable
Get ReadyGordy 1966
Get Ready (12" Mix) Delroy WilsonHit bound 1976
Since I Lost My BabyGordy1965
Since I Lost My BabyDerrick HarriottCrystal 1969
Everybody Needs LoveGordy 1965
Everybody Needs LoveSlim Smith & The UniquesHigh Notes 1968
My GirlGordy 1965
My Girl The Blues BustersSoul 1966
I Wish It Would RainGordy 1967
I Wish It Would Rain The TechniquesTreasure Isle 1968
soundbites Brian & Eddie Holland, Otis Willaims and Berry Gordyunavailable unavailable
Ain't Too Proud To BegGordy1966
Ain't Too Proud To BegDennis AlcaponeJaguar 1971
Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today) Gordy 1970
Ball Of ConfusionA Darker Shade Of BlackTrojan 1970
Cloud Nine Gordy 1968
Cloud NineCarl Dawkins & The Wailers Trojan 1970
soundbite re: the Motown finishing school as well as the grooming and choreography Motown artists receivedMaxine Powell, Cholly Atkins and Otis Williamsunavailable unavailable
Born To Love YouGordy 1965
Born To Love YouThe SensationsW.I.R.L 1967
Baby, Baby I Need YouGordy1963
I Need You SoThe WailersStudio One1966
The Girl's Alright With MeGordy 1964
The Girl's Alright With MeDerrick Harriott & The CrystalitesCrystal 1967
A Love I Can SeeGordy1963
A Love I Can FeelJohn HoltCoxsone 1971
A Love I Can SeeMotown 2001
A Love I Can FeelDennis BrownStriker Leeunavailable
Don't Look BackGordy 1965
Don't Look Back Peter Tosh with Mick JaggerEMI 1978
Don't Look BackKeith And TexCrystal1968
Just My ImaginationGordy 1971
Just My ImaginationDave Barker & The Charmers Trojan1976
Papa Was A Rolling StoneGordy 1972
Papa Was A Rolling StoneThe PioneersJoe Gibbs unavailable
You'll Lose A Precious Love Gordy 1964
You'll Lose A Precious Love Slim Smith & The UniquesTrojan 1968
WarGordy 1970
War Tomorrow's ChildrenTrojan1971
historical soundbiteMalcolm Xunavailableunavailable
Message From A Black ManGordy 1969
Message From A Black ManDerrick HarriotCrystal1970
Message From A Black ManThe HeptonesCoxsone 1971
Slave (12" Mix)Derrick Harriott Crystal 1971
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep Gordy 1966
Beauty Is Only Skin DeepAswadMango Island 1986
Since I Lost YouGordy unavailable

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