JULY 25, 2003
Midnight to 3:00 AM

Title Artist Label Year
historical soundbiteRev. Martin Luther King Jr.unavailable 1966
Ghetto ReunionRaw Vibesunavailable 1963
A Home And AbroadNasio FontaineAlphelion 1999
soundbitefrom the movie The MatrixWarner Bros.1999
KoriBabatunde Olatunji Rykodisc 1988
historical soundbite: There's no such thing as a non violent revolutionMalcolm Xunavailable1963
War DubThe Wailers BandRastafari 2000
Revolution Bob Marley & The WailersIsland 1974
The Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedGil Scott Heronunavailableunavailable
Talking BluesBob Marley & The WailersIsland 1974
soundbiteKawme Toure (aka Stokley Carmichael)unavailable unavailable
Mama AfricaMidnightRastafaria 2001
DialloWyclef Jean & Youssou N'Dourunavailable unavailable
Uncle George Steel PulseIsland1979
soundbite re: Black Panthers, slavery and tomorrowGeorge Jacksonunavaibleunavailable
Cut After CutDennis Bovellunavailable unavailable
historical soundbite re: Mandela's Rivonia trial and the verdictNelson Mandelaunavailable 1964
RevolutionThe HeptonesAiresunavailable
historical soundbite re: Mandela's release from prisonNelson Mandelaunavailable1990
Total DestructionLeroy Sibbles Aires unavailable
Troubled WorldDennis BrownDEB unavailable
soundbite re: the Grenada invasionMaurice Bishop & Ronald Reagan unavailble unavailable
Destiny (a capella) (excerpt)Buju Banton Tuff Gong 2001
G-7Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makersunavailable unavailable
soundbite re: rich vs. the poorfrom the film "Life and Debt"unavailable unavailable
Warning - WarningMax RomeoSoundtracs1975
soundbite re: the war on the poorMumia Abu Jamalunavailableunavailable
Talking BluesCarlene DavisEsoldun1995
soundbite re: Garvey movementProfessor Ward Churchillunavailable 2001
Not GuiltyBurning SpearBurning Spear 2003
soundbite re: response of folks in uptown ChicagoNBC Newsunavailableunavailable
Mr. Cop Gregory IsaacsMicron 1976
historical soundbite re: police brutalityMalcolm Xunavailable unavailable
soundbite re: civil war in LiberiaBBC reportunavailable2003
Power StruggleRonald "Boo" Hinkson & The Tru-TonesTru-Disc1980
historical soundbite re: Africa Malcolm Xunavailable 1965
Africa We LoveNasio FontaineAphelion1994
Great Zimbabwe WallMidnightBlack Panther2000
soundbite re: Black Panther Party Platform Bobby Seale unavailableunavailable
Talking BluesThe Gladiatorsunavailable unavailable
soundbite re: young black men and prisonAngela Davisunavailable unavailable
soundbite re: childrenPresident Bill Clinton unavailable unavailable
Children Crying In The Ghetto Jimmy Londonunavailable unavailable
Burning Eyes (And Hungry Bellies)Ronald "Boo" Hinkson & The Tru-TonesTru-Disc 1980
soundbite re: slavery is back in effectMumia Abu Jamalunavailableunavailable
Iration The Revolutionary Dub WarriorsOn U Sound1996
historical soundbite re: house and field negroMalcolm Xunavailable unavailable

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