JULY 30, 2010
Midnight to 3:00 AM

Title Artist Label Year
soundbite re: the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Senator Robert Kennedyunavailable 1968
soundbite re: Desert StormPresident George Bush Sr.unavailable 1991
soundbite re: the riots in LA after the police acquittals in his trial Rodney Kingunavailable 1992
soundbite re: Branch Dividian cult in Waco, Texasunavailableunavailable 1993
soundbite re: South AfricaNelson Mandelaunavailable 1994
Throw Down Your ArmsMaytonesGG'sunavailable
True God Sizzla unavailableunavailable
Ring Out Mount Zion BellsWingless AngelsIsland Jamaica 1996
Interlude Mikey General unavailable unavailable
Rastaman Chant (excerpt)Ras MichaelROIR Records 2003
Rastaman Chant/The Lion Of Judah (LIve)Bob Marley & The Wailersunavailableunavailable
I Feel The Spirit Prince BusterBlue Beat1963
Over The RiverThe Jiving JuniorsAll Stars1961
River JordanClancy Eccles with Hersand & The City SlickersAll Stars 1961
It Was Written DownToots & The MaytalsDynamic Records1972
description of a drumming session in JamaicaRebecca Mylesnot applicable 2009
CreationPeter Tosh EMI Records 1978
soundbite: Don't Let Me Be Wrong (excerpt of poem) Eloise Wilson unavailable unavailable
Tell Them LordBob Marley & The WailersMuzik City1964
soundbite re: drummingSharon Gordon & Shawn Rhodesnot applicable 2009
I Shall Not RemoveCornell CampbellAttack1975
soundbite re: drummingTerry Wilsonnot applicable 2009
Kings Highway Rastafari Elders RAS 1990
soundbite Ras Headful RAS 1990
soundbite Emperor Haile Selassie I The First VP Records 2001
Mighty, Mighty, Mighty Reggae School Band Of Hawaiiunavailable unavailable
soundbite re: the evolution of Rastafarism in Jamaica Isaac Fegusson not applicable 2009
Conquering Lion Yabby You & The ProphetsProphet Records1972
soundbite re: the crowning of Emperor Haile Selassie I The First Bill McNeil unavailable unavailable
Jah Glory Nasio FontaineHigher Love unavailable
Jah Glory (Live) Third WorldMercury 1993
Jah GloryGlen Washingtonunavailableunavailable
DefianceOku Onuora & AK-7Zola & Zola 1993
Fade Away Junior Byles Well Charged Records 1976
soundbite re: educationOku OnuoraZola & Zola 1993
Since I Threw The Comb AwayThe Twinkle BrothersVirgin1980
soundbite re: the notion of freedomAdam Clayton Powell Jr.unavailable unavailable
Let The Power Fall On IMax RomeoHop 1971
Times Are ChangingGideon Zingerunavailable2008
soundbite Ras Tawny RAS 1990
Praise Him SanchezJet Star2005
soundbite re: a chronology of Jamaican milestonesRebecca Mylesnot applicable 2009
soundbite re: his thoughts on Emperor Haile Selassie I The FirstBob Marley unavailable unavailable
WarBruno Blum Rastafari Records 2000
His Majesty Is Coming The In Crowd Evolution Records 1977
soundbite re: the history of Jamaica Kwame Heshimu unavailable 1978
Zion ChantJudy Mowatt Pow Wowunavailable
Rastafarian Folk SongCymandeNeecounavailable
soundbite: Praying With The Devil Mumia Abu-Jamal unavailable unavailable
Move Out Of BabylonJohnny Clarke Attack 1975
Hypo Junior Delgado Revue1988
soundbite: SayMutabarukaunavailable unavailable
Free AfricaThe Twinkle BrothersVirgin1980
Pass ItBambu StationMount Nebo2003
Chant A PsalmSteel PulseElektraunavailable

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