JUNE 8, 2007
Midnight to 3:00 AM

Title Artist Label Year
God Is Great (excerpt)Mor Dior Bambaunavailable unavailable
Abu Baka Take OverBrother Ebony Strakers Records1991
Any Which Way...Freedom (excerpt) Mutabarukeunavailable unavailable
The Madness Of It All King Short ShirtA & B Records unavailable
soundbite: Fire In The Cane Fields cart w/ sound effects Terry Wilson & Gracen Challenger not applicable 2005
soundbite: The Matrix (excerpt from film)Laurence Fishburne & Keanu ReevesWarner Bros.1999
Illusion King Short Shirt A & B Records unavailable
historical soundbite - violence is as American as cherry pieH. Rap Brown unavailableunavailable
Racism The Mighty SparrowBLS Records unavailable
soundbite re: theme of this show Isaac Fergusonnot applicable2005
soundbite re: the middle passage and a slave auctionEd Asner unavailable unavailable
The SlaveThe Mighty Sparrow unavailable unavailable
soundbite re: what the slaves are likeEd Asnerunavailable unavailable
Columbus LiedShadowShanachie 1991
Columbus Calypso RoseIce 1993
soundbite slave aucation block/wailing songunavailableunavailbaleunavailable
Black Woman Lament Black StalinIce 1994
soundbite re: the word niggerCory Wilson & Mizan Nunesnot applicableunavailable
Teach The Children DukeIce1995
Voices From The GhettoSinging Sandraunavailableunavailable
soundbite re: the development of Calypso & the steel drumIsaac Ferguson not applicable 2005
interview excerpt Gabbyunavailable unavailable
Boots Gabby Ice unavailable
soundbite re: Black PowerStokley Carmichaelunavailableunavailable
Good Citizen The Mighty SparrowBLS Recordsunavailable
soundbite re: Amadu DialloYoussou N'Dour unavailableunavailable
Tears Of BloodSinging Francineunavailableunavailable
41 Bullets David Rudder unavailable unavailable
historical soundbite Maurice Bishopunavailableunavailable
War Mongers Johnny KingHibiscus Productionsunavailable
Heaven Help MankindKing Short Shirtunavailableunavailable
historical soundbite Prime Minister Robert Mugabe addresses the UNunavailableunavailable
Stay Up ZimbabweValentinounavailableunavailable
soundbite re: African Americans not knowing their own history Randall Robinson unavailable unavailable
I Wish I Was In Dixie Renee Marie unavailableunavailable
Reparations King Cosmosunavailableunavailable
soundbite re: black history Malcolm X unavailable unavailable
Black Identity Cro Crounavailable unavailable
historical soundbite re: Ivasion of Grenada Ronald Reagan, Eugene Charles and othersunavailableunavailable
The New World Order The Mighty TranquilJah Jah2003
Caribbean Leaders ChalkdustStrakers Recordsunavailable
soundbite re: denial of sexual allegationsBill Clinton unavailable unavailable
West Indian Politicans GabbyIce 2000

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