MARCH 11, 2011
Midnight to 4:00 AM

**Note: All titles by Bob Marley & The Wailers unless otherwise indicated.**

Title Artist Label Year
Rastaman ChantBob Marley & The Wailers featuring Busta Rhymes unavailableunavailable
Lively Up Yourself (Live) unavailableunavailable
Brother BobKaliTinderunavailable
The Heathen (Live)unavailableunavailable
Kinky Reggae (Live)unavailableunavailable
Roots, Rock, Reggae (Live)unavailableunavailable
soundbite: excerpt of an interviewBob Marleyunavailableunavailable
One Drop (Live) (Dubologist remix)unavailableunavailable
soundbite: his thoughts on MarleyIsaac Fergussonnot applicable2011
soundbite: the making of the album, Catch A Firevariousunavailableunavailable
soundbite: Marley's impact in IranHooman Majidunavailableunavailable
Natty DreadIsland Records1975
soundbite: his thoughts on MarleyIan Forrestnot applicable2011
Wake Up And Live (Live)unavailableunavailable
Ambush In The Night (Live)unavailableunavailable
Running Away (Live) unavailable unavailable
soundbites: various U.S. PresidentsGeorge W. Bush Jr. & Barack Obamaunavailableunavailable
SlogansIsland 2005
soundbite: Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center Disasterunavailableunavailableunavailable
Who Colt The GameBob Marley with the UpsettersOrchard 1998
soundbite: his thoughts on Marley's legacyIsaac Fergussonnot applicable2011
Natural MysticDennis BrownShocking Vibes1992
So Much Things To SayLauryn HillColumbia2002
There You AreMartha Velez with the WailersSire Records1976
Slave DriverSteelunavailable2006
Slave DriverTaj Mahalunavailable1974
WarBruno Blum unavailableunavailable
soundbite: his thoughts on live musicTerry Wilsonnot applicable2011
soundbite: on Marley Shawn Rhodesnot applicable2011
soundbite: excerpt of an interviewDave Douglas & Bob Marleyunavailableunavailable
Babylon SystemIsland1979
She's Gone (Dub) unavailableunavailable
soundbite: Marley's disinterest in being flashyVivian Goldmannot applicable2011
Lively Up Yourself (remix)unavailableunavailable
soundbite: Bill Bennet's comment about aborting all black babiesMumia Abu Jamalunavailableunavailable
Crazy BaldheadsIsland 1976

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