MARCH 26, 2021
Midnight to 2:00 AM

**Note: All titles by Israel Vibration unless otherwise indicated.**

Title Artist Label Year
Walk The Streets Of Gloryunavailableunavailable
soundbites: American Nightmare and NiggersMalcolm Xunavailableunavailable
soundbite re: the song, "Why Worry"Cecil "Skelly" Spenceunavailableunavailable
Why WorryRAS Records2000
soundbite re: apartheidAlbert "Apple" Craigunavailableunavailable
Don't Want ApartheidAlbert "Apple" CraigRoyal Records2002
Stars And Bars ForeverJolivette Andersonunavailableunavailable
soundbite re: the song, "Licks And Kicks"Lascelle "Wiss" Bulginunavailableunavailable
Licks And KicksRAS Records2002
brief bio on Israel Vibrationread by Rebecca Mylesnot applicable2019
soundbite re: the song, "The Same Song"Cecil "Skelly" Spenceunavailableunavailable
The Same SongRAS Recordsunavailable
soundbite re: the start of Operation Desert Stormunavailableunavailable1991
soundbite re: warAlbert "Apple" Craigunavailableunavailable
Middle EastRAS Recordsunavailable
soundbite re: the song, "Highway Robbery"Cecil "Skelly" Spenceunavailableunavailable
Highway RobberyRAS Recordsunavailable
soundbite re: the song, "Rude Boy "Shufflin'"Albert "Apple" Craigunavailableunavailable
Rude Boy "Shufflin'"RAS Recordsunavailable
interview excerptDoctor Dread and Albert "Apple" Craigunavailableunavailable
Babylon By Bus [Live]"Apple" GabrielRoyal Records2002
soundbite re: the start of a warBritish Prime Minister Neville Chamberlainunavailable1939
Peace Not WarRAS Records2003
soundbite re: the U.S. invasion of Grenadaunavailableunavailable1983
soundbites: excerpt of Mountain Top speech and announcement of MLK's assassinationRev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Senator Bobby Kennedyunavailableunavailable
Unseen BulletRAS Recordsunavailable
interview excerptDoctor Dread and Lascelle "Wiss" Bulginunavailableunavailable
Ball Of Fireunavailableunavailable
interview excerptDoctor Dread and Cecil "Skelly" Spenceunavailableunavailable
soundbite re: the song, "Jailhouse Rocking"Lascelle "Wiss" Bulginunavailableunavailable
Jailhouse RockingRAS Recordsunavailable
War [Live]"Apple" GabrielRoyal Records2002

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