NOVEMBER 23, 2018
Midnight to 4:00 AM

**Note: All titles by Led Zeppelin unless otherwise indicated.**

Title Artist Label Year
For What It's Worth [Demo]Band Of Joyunavailable1967
soundbite re: the elements of Black Dogvarious music journalistsunavailableunavailable
Black DogAtlantic Records1971
Whole Lotta LoveAtlantic Records1969
I Can't Quit You BabyAtlantic Records1997
Good Times, Bad TimesAtlantic Records1969
How Many More TimesAtlantic Records1969
brief bio on Led Zeppelinread by Rebecca Mylesnot applicable2018
Communication BreakdownAtlantic Records1969
Baby Come On HomeAtlantic Records1993
D'Yer Mak'erAtlantic Records1973
soundbite re: the origins of the bandJimmy Page and Robert Plantunavailableunavailable
Stairway To HeavenAtlantic Records1971
soundbite re: the origins and the legacy of the bandIsaac Fergussonnot applicable2018
Rock And RollAtlantic Records1971
soundbite re: the arrangement of Since I've Been Loving Youvarious music journalistsunavailableunavailable
Since I've Been Loving YouAtlantic Records1970
soundbite re: the creation of KashmirRobert Plantunavailableunavailable
KashmirAtlantic Records1975
Bring It On HomeAtlantic Records1969
soundbite re: Robert JohnsonRobert Plantunavailableunavailable
Traveling Riverside BluesRobert JohnsonVocalion Records1937
Traveling Riverside BluesAtlantic Records1990
Dazed And ConfusedJake HolmesTower Records1967
Dazed And ConfusedAtlantic Records1969
soundbite re: how he started playing bass, being a session player, becoming an arranger, and the band's first rehearsalJohn Paul Jonesunavailableunavailable
The Crunge Atlantic Records1973
Trampled Under FootAtlantic Records1975
The Lemon SongAtlantic Records1969
Immigrant Song [Live]Atlantic Records1997
You Shook Me [Live]Atlantic Records1997
Going To California [Live]Atlantic Records1997
Heartbreaker [Live]Atlantic Records1997
Houses Of The HolyAtlantic Records1975
Fool In The RainAtlantic Records1979
All My Love Atlantic Records1979
soundbite re: how the band got its name, playing live, issues touring with the mellotron, and the advantages of being a low profile memberJohn Paul Jonesunavailableunavailable
Ramble OnAtlantic Records1969
The OceanAtlantic Records1973
Black Dog [Acoustic]unavailableunavailable
Wearing And TearingAtlantic Records1982
I'm Gonna CrawlAtlantic Records1979
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You [Live]Joan BaezVanguard Records1962
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You [Live]Atlantic Records1969
Groovin'Ben E. KingAtco Records1964
We're Gonna GrooveAtlantic Records1982
DarleneAtlantic Records1982
Misty Mountain HopAtlantic Records 1971

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