Shawn has actually had 2 tenures with The Midnight Ravers. He first became a Raver in 1995 but due to some internal problems within the group at the time, he left in 1996. However, he and Terry always remained on good terms. Soon after leaving the Midnight Ravers, Shawn attained success with many other projects, most namely, his music industry series, Rock On. In late 2002, (October or November) Terry asked Shawn to help out with the engineering of some special projects. As a result of his work on those projects, Shawn was officially reinstated as a Raver in January 2003.

star Wrote the song "The Arms Of A New Love, Angel" with Shelly Pinz who is the co-writer of the classic #1 Pop tune, "Green Tambourine".
star Writer/publisher member of ASCAP.
star Received B.A. in Theory And Composition (Music Composition) from Glassboro State College.
star On-air personality, engineer, and producer at New York radio station WBAI 99.5 FM since 1994. Started his series, "Rock On," in 1997. The series was comprised of monthly specials varying in length from 2 - 3 hours and focused on various aspects of the music industry. Notable guests included Billy Joel, Kenny Gamble, Patrice Rushen, Nile Rodgers, Eddie Money, Bo Diddley, Pamela Des Barres, Big Daddy Kane, Teena Marie, Brian & Eddie Holland of Holland-Dozier-Holland fame, Foster Sylvers, famed Motown songwriter/producer Sylvia Moy, Katherine Anderson Schaffner of The Marvelettes and newcomer Kathy Fisher, among others. The series ran until 2002.
star Shawn's song, “E.O.S.”, was used as the opening and closing theme for Pacifica Radio’s weekly national election program, Informed Dissent, which aired from September 18 to November 20, 2006 on various Pacifica stations (WBAI in New York) as well as on some of its affiliate stations. Shawn also came up with a number of variations on “E.O.S.” for the incidental and background music. And, an abridged version of his song, “The Secret Society Of Super Villains” was used as the background for a political satire montage. His song, “Winter Rose” was played in memory of Pacifica member and Civil Rights activist, Ebon Dooley.
star Designed and maintains his own website at
star Started writing songs at the age of 10. Major influences include The Supremes, Hall & Oates and Prince.
star Plays piano, synthesizer, a little bit of drums and percussion.
star Previous jobs have included recording/rehearsal studio manager, music journalist, market research telephone interviewer, Performance Analyst at ASCAP, office temp for record companies, entertainment law firms and fashion design firms, and engineer for New York radio station WLIB/WBLS.
star Member of the Black Rock Coalition from 1991 - 1995.
starConsiders spirituality an integral part of his identity.
starUltimate goal is to bring something of lasting value to the craft of songwriting and performing. And in the process, hopes to touch the hearts of millions.

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